Medical products offered by medical professionals
Medical products offered by medical professionals
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Ipamorelin & GHRP2 Drops
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Ipamorelin & GHRP2 Drops

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Ipamorelin & GHRP2 drops. This amazing GH product is ideal for management of age-related changes in body composition including, severe muscle loss, reduction in growth hormone production, sex steroid secretion & more . Sarcotropin® IPA was specifically formulated to oppose these decencies by combining essential ingredients intended to complement a normal diet and healthy lifestyle. Boost your natural GH production with this safe medical grade formula. These medical grade drops should be taken sublingually and on an empty stomach.

This product is not to be taken if you are pregnant, previously or currently have cancer, or have any serious health condition. Consult with your physician prior to taking this product. 

* Fast absorption

* 30 day supply.

* Best if taken at night before bed

* To be combined with a proper diet

This product is made according to the volume of orders placed. Please allow up to 7 days to arrive. 

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